Have Moved House Successfully…..

Phew! After an anxious few days I’ve decided that a new blog address and a new home was the easiest way to resolve my attack site problem.

Hi there to all the members of my old site at Webs. I’ll miss Web’s classy book-look so will have to try harder with photos from now on. That will happen as soon as I get used to all these new controls – and get rid of this font which I didn’t choose.

Purrrrrrs to all.


8 thoughts on “Have Moved House Successfully…..

  1. I’ll try harder Katie. I wouldn’t want to decimate your supplies of catnip. After all, Kara Marque Two may need it.

  2. If all goes well the little stray I’ve been feeding (Bribing with Kitty Crack actually) should enter my home soon. Then a quick trip to the vet, and I will be enslaved to a new Mistress.

  3. Thanks for the blogroll update KG. Am trying to get my head and paws around the system here so i can return the favour.

  4. WordPress can be a bit intimidating at first, Pompuss. Even changing the font requires a third-party plug-in, which is a pain.
    I’m no expert but anything I can help with, just give a loud miaow. 🙂

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