Winter’s Woes

This is the view from my perch on top of the bookcase underneath the library window. Am glad I’m inside and warm as it snowed yesterday, it snowed last night and according to the weather forecast it will snow again today. The whole household is hunkered down for the duration and the SS is rediscovering the bottom of her freezer. I’m okay as there is plenty of Fancy Feast in the larder cupboard (I checked) and I saw a packet of interleaved smoked salmon in the refrigerator.
The roads are icy and treacherous so I hope the SS doesn’t walk to the village for the newspaper as she might slip on the ice and then there might not be treats for me. The HS (he slave) usually ignores me and if he were my only household staff I’d probably starve.
Think I’ll take a snooze in the hot water cupboard.


4 thoughts on “Winter’s Woes

  1. Huh, you call that mere dusting snow? Come for a trip down south and see what it’s really like.
    When it snows I spend all day on the rug beside the log burner while my household help worry about food for the sheep and cattle and the farm dogs freeze (giggle giggle).

  2. 3 feet of snow in 12 hours!!!!!!

    If I went out in that, the only way any rescue service could find me would be by searching for my pink nose!

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