In Praise of O

i.e. of Oxytocin.

Patricia Churchland, a philosopher and neuroscientist describes a link between oxytocin and social behaviour in an article in The Chronicle Review.

Experiments have shown that prairie voles (who have heaps of oxytocin receptors in their brains) pair bond and are excellent parents. Montane voles on the other hand, lack those receptors and are lousy at rearing their pups. Research on humans showed that those humans given a nasal spray of the chemical were more generous than others.

I’ve got an idea. Homo Stupidus is infected worldwide with thoughtlessness, lack of empathy, child abuse, inadequate parenting and poor education all of which leads to negative outcomes,social disintegration and an increase in crime.

Why not try mass dosing with oxytocin. For ten years or so to see if it makes any difference. If it did it would have been far less costly than the ‘ambulances’ that society has to provide at present.

And don’t tell me that mass dosing = violence against the person. What humans do at present to deal to social problems isn’t working so what is wrong with trying something different.

Just remember you saw it here first…… I’ve got to purr off and work out how to put in a link………


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