Would You Rather Have Tigers or Toilet Rolls?

Greenpeace are at it again with another weird headline hogging campaign. Asking whether you would like to give up your favourite choice of loo paper to save Sumatran tigers.

They have bullied supermarkets in NZ into disclosing which brands they sell and ranked these according to environmental acceptability i.e whether the paper used is sourced from rainforest timber and has the Big Tick from the PEFC (Programmme for Endorsement of Forest Certification).

I’m pleased to say that the slaves need not blush over the variety found in this household as, surprisingly, it is one of the eleven that pass the THT (tiger hugger’s test). A further three brands await acknowledgement that they recognise the rights of indigenous people, protect forests of critical importance and endorse schemes with strong links of custody while three others are totally beyond the pale.

All this fuss over bathroom habits. Homo Stupidus should take lessons from more advanced species and learn to dig holes in the garden and fertilise the soil.

I should add that that since only 400 Sumatrans are left in the wild and slaves increase in number every day maybe it is time the latter become serious about saving the rainforest which is needed for tiger survival.

I’d rather have tigers any day.


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather Have Tigers or Toilet Rolls?

  1. Sorry Pompuss but tigers do not wipe my bum. But then again my toilet paper is made from American trees and doesn’t hurt the tigers in any way.

    Purrrrrrhaps the slaves in your land can learn to buy American toilet paper and then they wouldn’t harm the tigers.

  2. Hey Katie. Live dangerously – I’m sure tigers lick. Not that I’m offering to help my slaves. They can use the newspaper.

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