Will They Die Laughing?

I’m seriously worried. My slaves have been laughing all morning – ever since they heard the seven o’clock news.

It seems that a previous Labour Minister of the Crown who was sacked from his own caucus for misusing a ministerial credit card has been appointed to a job in Afghanistan in charge of a department which seeks to eliminate corruption.

SS and HS find that hilarious and can’t stop laughing. I’ve heard that this can be fatal to humans so I’m mega concerned.

Who will meet my needs if they die laughing?


One thought on “Will They Die Laughing?

  1. You will be fine Pompuss. Your slaves are just getting out the anger this idiot minister did and realize the harm he will do to Afghanistan (A nation that does NOT honor the cat.). For the Afghanis it is poetic justice.

    For you, fresh catnip.

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