The Arrant Hypocrisy!!

I really do think that humans are the pits! Just look at the pile of doormats that has appeared at the local hardware store. As if we (cats that is) need to be told to do so. (Lesser breeds of course are like humans – they’ll need to be reminded).

Cats like to have clean toes so most are like me and sit at the door washing their feet whilst deciding whether to go in or out. We don’t need to be told what to do with our paws – we know.

There is such a loss of manners and consideration amongst humans these days and believe me there are worse things than offensive doormats. The SS is always complaining about the midgets who stand on the seats in the local cable car. They’ve been toddling around treading in dog turds then they stand on the seats where other people will sit later in the day! And their mothers let them do it! What a race of barbarians. She moans too about the students at the local university who sprawl and put their smelly trainers/sneakers/boots on the edge of the opposite seat as they travel up and down the hill. I’ll bet she gives them The Death Stare. Not that it ever works with me.


4 thoughts on “The Arrant Hypocrisy!!

  1. As soon as I receive him, I’ll post his picture. My friend has a few throwaway cats (I hate people who do that to their pets!). So if I don’t get Sugar (or Jolson, or something else) I’ll get another needy cat.

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