The New Look

Oh what fun….the SS went out shopping so I had a free run at the laptop and found a few new buttons. I’m enjoying checking out different themes and rather like this one. (“Dark, urban, grunge”) Next week I can be “frivolous, naive and fresh”……..and then I can keep changing themes until I get bored.

I see it’s (the theme that is) called Neo Sapiens. Sapiens…..sapiens…that’s enough to make any self respecting cat feel nauseous so I might be moving on quickly. Purrs til then.


2 thoughts on “The New Look

    • Oh dear, you’re disagreeing with Cato, the white pawed grey who lives next door. He says it’s artistic, authoritative and advanced.
      On the other hand Badger, the British Blue down the road, says he finds it bombastic, belligerent and banal.
      And all the time I was simply aiming at cute, cuddly but cantankerous! I can see I’ll have to put some work into this business of themes.

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