Farewell Happy Feet -3 Cheers for Kenzie

At last a topic closer to my heart.

A woman in Scotland drove 17 miles wondering what caused a smell of burning in her car. When she turned off the engine she heard a plaintive ‘Miaow’ and discovered that her pet cat Kenzie was beneath the bonnet.

Apart from a slightly singed rear end, Kenzie lives and can look forward to her/his next eight lives.

Read about Kenzie and other cat survivors at ttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-14931792. Those Brits really know how to treat a cat.

I’ve never hidden under a car’s bonnet (I have brains) but I did once take an unscheduled trip to the municipal rubbish dump when I fell asleep inside a cardboard box on the slave’s trailer. (I’d been hiding there so I could catch marauding mice but they were busy elsewhere so I nodded off and only woke when we arrived at the big concrete rubbish chute. Fortunately I was able to leap out of the box before it was thrown away. The he slave was suitably apologetic and held open the car door for me so I could travel home in ease and comfort while the she slave became hysterical which gave me great satisfaction.


2 thoughts on “Farewell Happy Feet -3 Cheers for Kenzie

    • oh Katie, you really do understand a sensitive soul like moi. I have always believed that I deserve a special cushion in the back seat of the car but those spoilsports at the Society for the Protection of Animals try to insist that cats travel in enclosed baskets so the slaves slavishly comply and try to force me into one. Of course I always resist with an energetic exhibition of The Spreadeagle followed by a spirited rendition of Rossini’s ‘Duetto Buffo di dei Gatti” but alas, I don’t always win.

      N.B. I would NEVER travel in the boot………….purrrs

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