My Guest Appearances

What a weekend.

Some of my readers may remember that last winter I blogged about my guest appearance in the movie ‘Alexander’. Those who missed it and live in NZ have a chance to see it on TV (TV3 I think) again tonight. I heartily recommend the scene in the harem – the rest is rubbish.

I find my starring roles especially pleasing and ego inflating as this weekend has produced what I think is called a ‘double header’ in that I also featured in James Bond’s Thunderball last night – you know, the scene where Number One, the Boss of Spectre sits behind a slatted screen fondling a white Persian cat.

Twice in one weekend. I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star. What bliss.

Further bliss – it’s lunchtime. But wait a moment. What does the slave think she’s doing. By the Great Cat and The Belly of Beelzebub, doesn’t she know that celebrities like me deserve something better than quiche?


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