The Path to Progress

As I was borne (possum fur cushion on the back seat) back to Wellington after my usual weekend in the country I had a revelation which I really must share.

Amidst regular radio updates on the Rugby World Cup the airwaves were filled with impassioned fans talking about every other sport imaginable. Netball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, fishing, billiards, polo, horse racing, dog racing, rugby league, hockey, softball, baseball, ice-hockey, figure skating, bowls, skiing, snowboarding, hotdogging……etc…etc. Their enthusiasm and ardour were spine tingling.

I thought – the Prime Minister should know of this. Because if NZders turned their energy and passion for all sports into something productive like the country’s GDP this little nation would be unstoppable.

All sport should be banned and replaced by something worthy of effort. Something that earns money rather than spending it.

Sadly I don’t think my idea will catch on. So I may as well go and chase my ping pong ball.


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