Diamonds are Forever……….

It’s happened again! I’m a screen star once more!

Last night, in between being bored by hordes of hairy Welsh and French rugby players cavorting on the TV screen across from the foot of the bed, I caught glimpses of the sublime……..i.e. me, complete with diamond collar, starring in another James Bond movie. It was petty of the camera man to limit the shots of me to the titles and intro but not everyone is blest with the ability to know true talent when they see it.

Actually I only saw the titles because the he slave switched to the rugby channel and only returned to Bond watching during the advertisements, but I’m sure I must have been filmed somewhere in the movie proper.

Since he wouldn’t let me watch I took my revenge by standing up and arching my back right in his view shaft whenever it looked as though the rugby players might score a try.

I really can’t think why he said I was a pest and pushed me off the bed.


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