World Population nearly Seven Billion….and Rising

The Thunderer (aka The Times of London) has published a sobering article on the population of the world. This month, world population will grow by 6.4 billion, bringing the total to 7 billion living bodies.

Early in the 19th century the population of the world was about 1 billion but it had doubled in size by the time of the Great Depression and trebled by the 1960s. Gasp!

Historically people had large families and many children died young – therefore high mortality and high fertility tended to cancel each other out. However advances in medicine, improved public sanitation and endless international aid has ensured that humans continue to thrive. So much so that the most recent billion has been added in a mere 12 years and at this rate the planet will be home to about 9 billion humans by 2050.

It’s frightening to think of having to share tuna and salmon with that many people. Many of whom will be bad slaves who don’t deserve such luxuries IM not so HO.

The good news is that the demographers think that from mid century population will start to decline. They point out that more and more people are moving to live in cities where, owing to the enhanced opportunities for education, family size tends to shrink.

Well I think we have to wait and see. It was said that population would shrink once enough girls became educated since educated women have fewer babies, but just look at what happened to all those schools for girls that nice Mr Greg Mortensen set up in Waziristan. I’ll bet the baby count stays high there.


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