Malt Whisky Comes First…..

They’ve done it again! my slaves have been off to another malt tasting evening and had to buy two bottles because they each liked a different brand.

Now Oban and Glenkinchie have joined the Arran and Glengarioch leaving me seriously worried.

What if they can’t afford all this extravagance and decide to cut back on the contents of my dinner bowl? It doesn’t bear thinking about…


7 thoughts on “Malt Whisky Comes First…..

    • Excellent idea Gecko. And what’s more the Great Cat must be on my side.

      There was a small earthquake yesterday and the bottle of Oban mysteriously tumbled from a low shelf and rolled into the bottom of the hot water cupboard. I pulled a pile of dusting cloths on top of it and await developments………….

      Now for the second bottle……..

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