Speciesism Again!

I have to admit that I’m never quite sure about the spelling of speciesism and a quick paw through the dictionary hasn’t helped. However, I have another rant arguably of more importance than a mere question of spelling.

For days the media have been obsessed (when not drivelling on about the Rugby World Cup) with the skittling in a crowded Chinese market and subsequent death of a two year old girl child.

Sad I know…..but….what about all those animals shot dead in Zanesville Ohio? After all, some 18 of them were endangered Bengal tigers. Honestly, I ask you, don’t you think it time that humans acquired a sense of proportion? Eighteen to one!!!! As you can see I’m only counting the cats, not the bears and wolves which we can regard as collateral damage. Plus, the numbers massacred would be even worse had I included the non-endangered lions, leopards and cheetahs – but I wasn’t paying enough attention to count them too.

Almost the worst aspect of the whole sorry affair is that a mentally unstable human was permitted to keep so many animals in captivity with the local authorities stating that his establishment met “the minimum requirements” necessary. This was even though there had been 35 complaints about his “zoo” in the preceding seven years. It sounds to me as though the local rules and regs should be reviewed.


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