How Relevant is the UN?

The UN wants a report and investigation into exactly how Gaddafi, the late Libyan dictator died.

Hang on a moment. Isn’t Gaddafi the man who promised “no mercy, no pity” for the citizens of Benghazi when they held out against his troops? The man whose soldiers carried out summary executions of captured rebel fighters as well as civilians. Whose African mercenaries (paid by the nation’s wealth) were actively encouraged to use rape as a weapon of war. The man who allowed his troops to use cluster bombs and heavy rockets against civilians in Ajdabiya and Misrata. The dictator whose atrocities were recorded by the UN’s own Human Rights Watch.

Although the UN backed the no-fly zone earlier in the year and authorised “all necessary measures” to protect civilians, their position over the last ten months has been remarkably low key. And now it is over they seem to think that everyone should play nicely and be civilised.

Can’t they see that the world is an infinitely better place without dictators, accept what has happened (a just, if messy death), move on and turn their attention to the truly important task at hand, the rebuilding of the Libyan nation.

Humans and the UN can be so stupid.

Cats at war would be so much more efficient. That’s because we believe in the Law of the Jungle, you know – kill or be killed, show no mercy, be smarter and move faster than your enemy, might is right……oh dear…err…um…sounds a bit like the late Gadaffi doesn’t it?


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