Non-Tweeters & Non-Texters Disenfranchised

With the 2011 elections three weeks away, TVNZ held the first Leaders Debate last night and the nation was encouraged to text or tweet their opinion as to who had won the contest of ideas.

Text or Tweet! On behalf of most pensioners the slaves were outraged and She leapt to the complaints line to point out that many TV watchers neither text nor tweet and might prefer to register their opinion via the telephone as always used to be the case. (She doesn’t tweet but does text – when she can (a) find her phone and (b) the battery is charged). Both are rare events.

She was very pleased with herself after the call as the man she spoke to agreed with her, saying that yes it was unfair and her complaint wasn’t the first…..TSk tsk. Doesn’t she realise that his response is simple media training. He’s probably been told to agree with all callers regardless of what they say. That defuses a complaint, satisfies a caller and and puts TVNZ in a good light.

I watched the show with interest and can report that Phil Goff, the Leader of the Opposition was surprisingly good, while Prime Minister John Key showed an unexpected capacity for gutter fighting and for once the journo-chair Guyon Espiner, actually tried to be even handed rather than push his usual leftism.

The results of the demographically skewed texting and tweeting showed the usual 61% support for John Key and National and only around 30% for Labour so TVNZ’s dishonest little effort to skew the outcome didn’t work.


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