Election Over…Life Back to Normal

I’m relieved to be able to tell you that the 2011 Election is over and life has returned to normal in this house.    Some ex  politicians will have to find new employers, some nonetities will think themselves suddenly elevated, some schemers have been rewarded and some pollsters and journalists have egg all over their faces.

What a lot of wasted hot air and angst.    Surely it was obvious to everyone that no matter who won there would be little real change.    At heart politicians are like feral felines and do only as much as suits them.   It makes me laugh when I hear them witter on about how busy and hardworking they are.    One hundred and twentyone politicians to run a country of four and a half million people!     What a joke.     A group of cats could run this place.

The equinox blows hearty and my coat stands on end if I venture outdoors so I’m off to  curl up somewhere warm and snooze.


The Dreaded Worm…….

New Zealand’s election campaign is becoming ridiculous.    The leaders of the main parties debated on TV last night assisted by the Electoral Worm which rose or fell according to the reactions of an ‘undecided’ studio audience.

Unfortunately some Labour supporting Twitterers have been outed as skewing the results by stacking the audience with their chums.

It’s all becoming a great waste of time.    And it’s not  even as though worms are good to eat.

John Key’s Political Masterstroke?……..

The more I think about the infamous cuppateagate in the Epsom electorate, the more I think that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a political genius and a mega gambler.

Could the recording device left on the cafe table by a ‘forgetful’ cameraman have been part of a pre planned strategem?   The media have jumped up and down in excitement  all week, whingeing about the public’s right to know what was on the tapes and questioning whether the conversation between two politicians was entitled to the protection of privacy legislation.     Now the cameraman is going to court to test whether he can release the taped comments or not.

In the meantime the Labour opposition has been deprived of media coverage and the chance to air their policies.   If the media frenzy continues for another week they’ll have had no chance at all.

Could John Key be gambling on an activist judge sitting in the High Court on Tuesday?    If the tapes are published after all and are found to contain nothing of importance, the opposition will look extremely foolish and have lost two week’s campaigning time.

This election is actually starting to look quite interesting after all………


The I Q of Voters……..

I’ve just come inside from a lengthy sun-bathe on the brick wall in the courtyard and feel ready to rant.

I cannot understand human voters.   Here in New Zealand the current government looked set for re-election with a hugely popular teflonesque prime minister who along with the National party regularly scored approval ratings above 50%.   However…..

To ensure a reliable coalition partner should  one be needed, it is essential under the country’s MMP system that National supporters in one Auckland electorate vote for another candidate, not the National party one.

The voters in that electorate are so thick that they cannot see the necessity for this simple political strategy.  An opinion poll shows they will vote for their man regardless.      By doing so they deprive their party of reliable support for the next 3 year term of government.     Even worse they just might create a situation where the Labour party could perhaps cobble together a  coalition of their own.

If a cat can see this so clearly,  what on earth is wrong with the brains of all those humans?

Slaves Destroy Endangered Species…….

This story has elements of farce but should be shared.

A couple of years ago a New Zealand State Owned Enterprise sought permission to mine on the west coast of South Island and was forced by greenie pressure to round up what was thought to be the last remnants of New Zealand’s giant land snail population.

It was claimed that  the snails were critically endangered and since only a few hundred were left in the world  the company was required to hire snail catchers to collect the precious creatures and transport them to a safe place before mining could begin.

Guess what.   They hunted for those few hundred snails……..and found 16 thousand.    And this is where the story becomes truly entertaining……

The lucky 16K were put into cool storage until a safe new home could be found for them.     But……

Some fool of a slave inadvertently turned the dial to freeze and all 16 thousand have been frozen stiff.

Now the giant NZ land snail is really endangered and no-one knows how many still exist.

Tee hee……and as for the not so lucky 16 thousand……….Escargot a la creme for anyone?………

Mega Rats to This…….

–Doggocino   $2.50

–Deluxe Mutt Mince    $8.00

–Oaty Doggy Treats    $3.00

–Pea and Ham Gazpacho made with ham off the bone  #3.00

–Pupsicles    $3.00

–Beef and beer  $2.50


It passes all belief and leaves me (almost) speechless that a  local cafe is offering the above menu so slaves can take their little darlings out for eaties as well as walkies.

Mega rats to dog friendly cafes.    The health and safety police should check this venue out before the munching mutts infest the place with their fleas and other disgusting germs.     Don’t they know that dogs never wash themselves.

Yuk….I wouldn’t lower myself to eat in a cafe like that.

Heroine of The Year….Almost

“When the Himalayan peasant meets the he- bear in his pride,

He will shout to scare the monster who  will often turn aside,

But the she- bear thus accosted, rends the peasant tooth and nail,

For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

Rudyard Kipling: The Female of the Species

A poem clearly not read by an American woman who saved her mangy dog from certain death by standing between it and a black bear  which was foraging in a garbage can when disturbed by said cur.    A  brave, or possibly foolhardy thing to do, especially as the bear had a cub with her.

Now if only she had saved a cat she really would be Heroine of the Year.