Guy Fawkes Scaredy Cats

Okay, I know that some cats (and lots of dogs) are frightened by fireworks and need to be locked indoors on Guy Fawkes night in case they run away, become disoriented and lost. Poor petals. But now the list of vulnerable animals has been extended.

To horses! Yes it’s true, people are being warned by those busybody animal rescuers to keep their horses safe during this year’s fireworks festival. I have a question for them.

How do they suppose the cavalry horses managed to stay calm and obedient during the charge of the Light Brigade? During any episode of mounted warfare down the ages? And what about police horses during riots? Homo Stupidus in action again.

What’s more the Fireworks display near the beach at Tauranga has been cancelled. Yes, you’ve guessed it. Cancelled so the noise and fun won’t disturb the freshly washed and rescued dotterils which survived the Rena’s oil spill.

I’ve never eaten a dotteril and wonder what an endangered bird would taste like. They look rather witless and easy to hunt but since there are only about 600 left in the world I don’t suppose I’ll ever have the chance to find out.

Unless the slaves go and live in Tauranga……….

In the meantime I’m looking forward to sitting at the sunroom window on Saturday night watching the display over Wellington harbour.


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