Scaredy Cats # Two…….

Just to let you know that I certainly survived the fireworks over the harbour last night and I hope all the other cats in town did too. I enjoyed the display from the sofa in the sunroom window and wished Wellington had such good entertainment every night. Failing that I always enjoy a good thunderstorm.

The slaves had done all the things those killjoy, fun-destroying animal rightists witter on about. They had fed me, locked me inside and turned on the TV so the noise outside wouldn’t frighten me but they didn’t know that after they had gone out to a party I would see the biggest scaredy cat of all on a documentary.

Along with his lady friends – who had done all the work – this show-off was feasting on an antelope when three Kalahari bushmen hunters appeared. Clad only in red cloaks and long spears the three walked towards the lions and guess what. The scaredy cats all skedaddled which absolutely amazed me. Whatever were they thinking of. Don’t lions know that NO cat gives up its kill. But this group skulked behind a straggly tree while the three bushman cut off a haunch of antelope and carried it away.

I’ll have to curl up somewhere warm and think about this appalling failure in feline standards of ferocity…….


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