The Return of the Slaves……

Things are back to normal round here with the return of my slaves from a quick trip to Australia.

First the good news……..tender fillet for dinner, lots of cuddles, pampering, chocolate treats if I wrap myself around slave ankles and purr appreciatively….but then the bad…… more freedom to come and go as I please.   Now She is back, if I want a night on the tiles with my friends  I have to squeeze out the tiny gap in the spare bedroom window (not easy given my build) and slither down the pohutakawa tree.     Down is easy, up at 4.00 am a little more difficult.   However a night’s ratting is worth the inconvenience.

Now they are home again,  apart from listening to their complaints about the cold – 14 degrees in Wellington c.f. 28 0r 30 in Sydney – I’ll  have to listen to them wittering on about the coming election.

Later this month New Zealanders will have not only their usual vote for a paliamentary candidate but also a vote upon the type of electoral system they want.   As a large proportion of the population say they don’t understand the alternative forms of government on offer,  the coming referendum risks being a farce.      If I had any say I would vote for the system with the fewest politicians  and just have to hope that the whole nation thinks the same way.

The astonishing lack of door-knocking canvassers in this electorate suggests that  the current political candidates are as apathetic as most voters but with two weeks to go there is still time for the campaign to ignite.


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