Mega Rats to This…….

–Doggocino   $2.50

–Deluxe Mutt Mince    $8.00

–Oaty Doggy Treats    $3.00

–Pea and Ham Gazpacho made with ham off the bone  #3.00

–Pupsicles    $3.00

–Beef and beer  $2.50


It passes all belief and leaves me (almost) speechless that a  local cafe is offering the above menu so slaves can take their little darlings out for eaties as well as walkies.

Mega rats to dog friendly cafes.    The health and safety police should check this venue out before the munching mutts infest the place with their fleas and other disgusting germs.     Don’t they know that dogs never wash themselves.

Yuk….I wouldn’t lower myself to eat in a cafe like that.


One thought on “Mega Rats to This…….

  1. While Dog owners have to pay for the treats for their mutts, the slaves of Cats get off Scott free. Our Cat Masters get all the rats they want for free, doing a great service to these establishments. For if the Health Department finds a rat, the place gets shut down.

    The smart cafes put out some catnip and toys for their kitty friends.

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