Slaves Destroy Endangered Species…….

This story has elements of farce but should be shared.

A couple of years ago a New Zealand State Owned Enterprise sought permission to mine on the west coast of South Island and was forced by greenie pressure to round up what was thought to be the last remnants of New Zealand’s giant land snail population.

It was claimed that  the snails were critically endangered and since only a few hundred were left in the world  the company was required to hire snail catchers to collect the precious creatures and transport them to a safe place before mining could begin.

Guess what.   They hunted for those few hundred snails……..and found 16 thousand.    And this is where the story becomes truly entertaining……

The lucky 16K were put into cool storage until a safe new home could be found for them.     But……

Some fool of a slave inadvertently turned the dial to freeze and all 16 thousand have been frozen stiff.

Now the giant NZ land snail is really endangered and no-one knows how many still exist.

Tee hee……and as for the not so lucky 16 thousand……….Escargot a la creme for anyone?………


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