John Key’s Political Masterstroke?……..

The more I think about the infamous cuppateagate in the Epsom electorate, the more I think that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a political genius and a mega gambler.

Could the recording device left on the cafe table by a ‘forgetful’ cameraman have been part of a pre planned strategem?   The media have jumped up and down in excitement  all week, whingeing about the public’s right to know what was on the tapes and questioning whether the conversation between two politicians was entitled to the protection of privacy legislation.     Now the cameraman is going to court to test whether he can release the taped comments or not.

In the meantime the Labour opposition has been deprived of media coverage and the chance to air their policies.   If the media frenzy continues for another week they’ll have had no chance at all.

Could John Key be gambling on an activist judge sitting in the High Court on Tuesday?    If the tapes are published after all and are found to contain nothing of importance, the opposition will look extremely foolish and have lost two week’s campaigning time.

This election is actually starting to look quite interesting after all………



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