The I Q of Voters……..

I’ve just come inside from a lengthy sun-bathe on the brick wall in the courtyard and feel ready to rant.

I cannot understand human voters.   Here in New Zealand the current government looked set for re-election with a hugely popular teflonesque prime minister who along with the National party regularly scored approval ratings above 50%.   However…..

To ensure a reliable coalition partner should  one be needed, it is essential under the country’s MMP system that National supporters in one Auckland electorate vote for another candidate, not the National party one.

The voters in that electorate are so thick that they cannot see the necessity for this simple political strategy.  An opinion poll shows they will vote for their man regardless.      By doing so they deprive their party of reliable support for the next 3 year term of government.     Even worse they just might create a situation where the Labour party could perhaps cobble together a  coalition of their own.

If a cat can see this so clearly,  what on earth is wrong with the brains of all those humans?


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