Election Over…Life Back to Normal

I’m relieved to be able to tell you that the 2011 Election is over and life has returned to normal in this house.    Some ex  politicians will have to find new employers, some nonetities will think themselves suddenly elevated, some schemers have been rewarded and some pollsters and journalists have egg all over their faces.

What a lot of wasted hot air and angst.    Surely it was obvious to everyone that no matter who won there would be little real change.    At heart politicians are like feral felines and do only as much as suits them.   It makes me laugh when I hear them witter on about how busy and hardworking they are.    One hundred and twentyone politicians to run a country of four and a half million people!     What a joke.     A group of cats could run this place.

The equinox blows hearty and my coat stands on end if I venture outdoors so I’m off to  curl up somewhere warm and snooze.


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