Pantomime Season………

It’s Panto time and this cat has a problem.

The magnificent tale of Puss’n Boots is now a movie and it’s being pushed nightly in TV adverts.     You can guess how much  I want to see it.     I like the look of it – especially little Kitty Softpaws – but  don’t think I can persuade the slave to carry me in to the cinema in her handbag.       She did that once  when I was a kitten (admittedly she didn’t realise I was there until the intermission) but nowadays I’m too big and heavy to fit in anything other than a backpack.

It’s too early for the DVD to be available so there’s no point in hoping that the grandbrats  will come to visit over Christmas. It looks as though I’ll have to content myself with sighing soulfully (and drooling) over the photos in the newspaper.

There must be a way…….


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