The Curse of Bo Obama……..

Outrage would be too mild a word.    Christmas at the White House has become irredeemably tacky.

Bo, the porty installed against all my advice about the inevitable subsequent bad karma, has been placed centre stage.

Forget Santa,  Santa’s elves,  snow, sleighs, bells,  reindeer,  the Christmas fairy (and of course Baby Jesus Himself),  a worthless cur has elbowed them all aside.

A breathless media tell us that images of Bo are everywhere, in every hallway and every room.    Stuffed toy Bo, ceramic Bo,  knitted Bo,  sculpted Bo, made of buttons Bo, pastry Bo,  chocolate Bo…….it’s disgusting and I hope he has a nervous breakdown confronting his ugly self everywhere he looks.     I’m just surprised the House Sycophants didn’t decide to stick an image of him on the top of the Christmas tree!

Pah, pah, pah, quintuple toxic poisoned vermin and a plague of cold winds, dust and fleas upon them all.



3 thoughts on “The Curse of Bo Obama……..

    • Pity about the pics…..I’m too grumpy trying to right the world and keep my slaves usefully occupied to find the time to pose. Added to which, if I’m truthful I’m not as photogenic as I used to be…..anno domini etc….. purrs

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