Update on the feral…….

I never thought I would say this but I’m worried about the feral.      The low-rent cat food which the slave puts out for her once a week hadn’t been touched when I checked the bowl in the tractor shed this last weekend.   Is she dead?    Is she unwell?    Has she been shot / poisoned / run over?

Whilst the fate of a feral is of minor importance she was nevertheless a feline and therefore worthy of consideration.   Short pause to mark her probable passing.

Of more importance to me is the simple fact that being a a queen she was a first class hunter and kept the rats and mice under control not only on our property but over the fence at the neighbours as well.     Now I will be expected to take her place in the countryside Neverending Vermin Hunt.   Sigh.   Just when I was looking forward to a summer snoozing in the sun.


7 thoughts on “Update on the feral…….

  1. Then again she could have found her own slaves or a new area to hang out in. Or she might not be pregnant and thus not needing the food.

    Or she could be hiding.

    • I do so hope she’s found her own slaves……mine have been a bit lazy and casual towards my demands lately and I’ve wondered if they have been turning their attention toward her and the possible arrival of new baby kittens.

      I’ll admit I’m high maintenance so can’t afford to have any competition. Especially not from an interloper who might steal their affections by being more attractive because she’s cheaper to keep.

    • Thank you KG, the link might be long but it’s a heartwarming story.

      Dodger reminds me of Caspar, the gentleman of the Road from Poole in England, about whom I blogged back in 2009 (ish).

      Like Dodger , he had a regular bus round but in his case the local transport agency issued him with a buss puss complete with paw-print. If my records were better I’d post a copy of it but all is pre-Christmas chaos round here and I’m having trouble finding my food bowl, let alone anything else.

    • I knew that cats were useful as well as decorative!

      Mind you I’m not too certain about Stewie’s little kiss(?) followed by anticipatory lip-licking………….could he be….?……….no surely not………

      • No, surely not. Some of the comments under the article were pretty stupid. I’ve never known an animal to attack a child for no reason–that behaviour is reserved for humans, mostly. 😉

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