Summer work……..

Just when I thought that holidays had started and that I could laze in the sun to recover from the rigours of Christmas the slave decided to assault her summer garden……

And yes, you’ve guessed it – the feral hasn’t been here to stay on top of the vermin – behind the hydrangea in the stone wall, she put her hand into the middle of a nest of fieldmice.

Shock! Horror!   Squeals of alarm!   Followed by a dash to the verandah where I lay snoozing in the sun.   She swept me up, thrust me under the hydrangea bush and told me to get to work.        What cheek!

I was so offended I was on the point of stalking off to show her that’s no way to treat a Lord of the Universe when the Thrill of the Hunt overcame me.      I stayed and slaughtered five (three were pups so scarcely worth the effort) and proudly laid them in a line at the back door.   To my great miffment she collected them all on a dustpan and threw them over the cliff edge so I couldn’t drool over the body count.     What a spoilsport.


2 thoughts on “Summer work……..

    • Yes, you’re probably right. In fact my Christmas present was my own website, and I have a nasty feeling she expects me to use it as a mini profit centre selling dog toys and canary litter! Oh Grandeur, where art thou?
      However I shan’t waste my time feeling miffed about the way I’m being treated. It’s raining cats and dogs outside today so I’ll curl up somewhere soft and cozy and rest my eyes.

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