A Slink of Weasels………

Along with  the frantic between rain-showers gardening efforts of this summer, we have a new excitement.

Two days ago a pair of weasels emerged from the bush that runs down to the railway line and ran around on the lawn.    The larger of the two was quite beautiful with his/her silky dark brown coat and white throat and belly.  He/she was amazingly agile and when startled by the slave’s voice whipped around and in one leap disappeared over the cliff edge fast followed by its smaller friend.

Fieldmice are one thing.   Weasels quite another.  Bent on weaselicide the slave phoned the Local Council – Pest Control Division who told her to phone  the Department of Conservation – Pest Control Division….who told her to phone the Regional Council- Pest Control Division…who didn’t answer their phone……..

So the weasels still live somewhere down in the Four Acre Bush strip.    I went sightseeing down there but the creatures were hiding and wouldn’t come out to talk to me..

The outcome will be interesting………..and way more exciting than watching the slave attack rampant weeds, plant herbs and reverse the location of her vegetable beds and her compost bin.  The determination of the woman is extraordinary, doesn’t she know it’s much more fun to lie in the sun and snooze……



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