Weasel Watch # One…….

The slave is now totally confused and I’m enjoying every minute of it.      She hasn’t heard back from the Regional Council – Pest Control Division but now thinks that the creature that capered around the lawn couldn’t have been a weasel (the smallest of the mustelid family) as at about 18 inches long it was too big.    Neither could it have been a ferret or a stoat as it had a smooth short-haired coat and a tapering tail.     Perhaps there’s been an outbreak of interbreeding in the Kapiti coast bush reserve…..or maybe it’s a mutant.

If she asked for my opinion I’d say that the thing looked like an otter although I know that’s highly unlikely.      One did escape from Wellington Zoo about two years ago but the keepers found it hiding in a laundry near the zoo and if it has escaped again it is unlikely to have travelled 60 odd kilometres  to Kapiti all by itself.

I thought it would be exciting to slip off down the hill to search for this strange weaselly thing but the slave, having decided it might be dangerous, has thwarted all my attempts and tried to keep me shut inside.      As there has been very heavy rain and the hillside will be muddy and dank I don’t really mind and think I’ll wait for a sunny day.

In the meantime between the showers I found a pair of these scuttling across the grass.





I love the way they curl up into a ball when they see me but if I wait long enough they peep out to see if I’m still there.     There are a pair of them but they are only small, not much more than babies and don’t seem to be at all reassured when I address them as Miss or Master Tiggywinkle.      Hedgehogs are such stuck up creatures, it wouldn’t hurt them to play with me for a while.


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