The Chinese Revolution and Occupy Protesters………

For once I am not going to say anything about myself!

At the time of the Chinese Communist‘s Long March, Harry Lapwood, a Christian British missionary was teaching at a tertiary establishment in China. Friendly with Rewi Alley, he travelled extensively with him in the north-west of the country behind the Nationalist government‘s lines, observing and recording what he saw.

Mr Lapwood writes enthusiastically, even hagiographically, about the high standards of probity, focussed motivation, morality and lovingkindness he found amongst the partisan troops and the Chinese peasants who were being released from centuries of oppression. Even after he had undergone struggle sessions of self-criticism back in academia he still saw only light and righteousness in the behaviour and attitudes of the Chinese.

The Occupy protesters are a contemporary parallel in that they too believe their’s is the proper way forward and that human nature, given sufficient guidance and a degree of self abnegation, is infinitely perfectable.

Alas history proves them wrong. Over the centuries various political, social and religious groups have tried to control the thoughts and behaviour of people. Some have succeeded but usually only for a short time and none has been universally accepted.

Ralph & Nancy Lapwood: Through the Chinese Revolution, Spalding and Levy, London 1954

Time for me to find a sunny spot and think a bit more………


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