The Rat and the Potting Shed……..

Yesterday the slave went gardening (  a long overdue effort)………..

She opened the door of the Potting Shed

Which as you can see has been locked and spider encased for some time…….Inside she found….

…. and the creature responsible for all those droppings. She squealed. She rushed out and snatched me from my slumber on top of the comfortingly warm stone wall, threw me into the shed and shut the door. I searched, truly I did, but Mr Rattus was not to be seen.

I wasn’t released from that smelly shed for at least half an hour and when I emerged ratless I was described as “an over-sized and useless piece of fluff”…..”whose gut is bigger than his brain”……

I wouldn’t parade  all my grubby laundry in front of you but I have to tell the world that in the end I was vindicated – not that those wretches apologised to me for their verbal abuse.

The plumber and his dog were at the house so the dog, a foxy/Jack Russell X was press-ganged into service.   Fearful lest he succeed where I had failed, I watched nervously from high on the stone wall while he sniffed around excitedly wagging his stumpy little tail but he couldn’t find the rat either. What a relief.

Th thing that really worries me is that while the slave still leaves sachets of poison out for the local rats  she no longer witters on about being concerned that I might eat them……. I wonder why.


4 thoughts on “The Rat and the Potting Shed……..

  1. How awful for you. You mouse when you want to, not when the slaves want you to. I’m sure that if you really want to get that horrible rodent,you will. On your own time, after your nap, before your nap.

    • Since the slave is more worried about Mr Rat than I am, I think I will just relax, sit back and enjoy watching her getting into a mega fluster over vermin.
      Vermin after all are a fact of life and if one fails to kill them one must learn to live with them…….

  2. Our Jack Russell would get Monsieur Rattus in seconds. Mr Milo might not get the rabit but, boy oh boy, does he go for rats. He proudly leaves them on the coir matting near our front door. He expects a reward!

    • Mr Milo sounds like a first rate Vermin Exterminator……please don’t bring him on a holiday to NZ lest my desperate slave decides to dognap him and keep him here.

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