The Siren Call of Patriotism……..

I’ve just been listening to an earnest lady Professor from an Australian university talking about some research on the personal characteristics of people who fly national flags on their cars.

She found that men who fly flags are more likely to be rascist and therefore more likely to be anti immigration.

Having just endured a Rugby World Cup Tournament where people wore and flew flags of an astonishing array of nations,  shops and streets sported bunting showing flags of every competing nation while the men with national car flags came in every hue from blondest white to deepest brown I suspect her research may be a tad simplistic.

Members of the EDL are only the latest in a long line of people demonstrating national solidarity with the flag.   After all Flag display used to be common practice,  widely accepted and not worthy of further comment. Is she confusing racism with a fashion?    Could flying your national flag on your car show something else?

The lady Professor didn’t tell us how many of the beflagged cars also had what my slave calls ‘genitalia’ i.e. strings of beads/outsize fluffy dice/miniature teddies/lucky charms/whatever hanging from the rear vision mirror or strung across the back window…… Like these I think flags on cars are social class indicators and surely it’s always been those at the bottom of the heap who are most threatened by newcomers……

Admittedly one doesn’t see as much genitalia as one did a few years ago but the sun has come out so it’s time to go away and rest and think  bit more.




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