Unpleasant Diseases…….

Humans are at it again with their wanton speciesism……..and a plague on them I say.

In the far north of New Zealand there are plans to release ‘wobbly possum’ disease into the local possum population.   Apparently the disease upsets the animals’ balance mechanisms and they can’t walk straight or stand upright any longer.    I guess that means they can’t move round to find a mate and so their numbers will steadily decline until they die out completely.    Removing possums from New Zealand would be a boon as they dine on vast swathes of  canopy, killing the trees and destroying 2000 year old forest.

However, let those humans start with wobbly possum disease and who knows where it will end……..Wobbly rat disease?…wobbly weasel disease?……wobbly stoat disease?…..wobbly ferret disease?….wobbly dog disease? (now that’s a good idea)……or even, Great Cat forbid, wobbly cat disease!

Really those humans are too clever for their own good.    By all the Laws of Mother Nature and in the interests of justice and equity, they deserve to be struck down by wobbly human disease.     I can think of a few whom I’d be happy to see afflicted by it….


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