The Real Weather Forecast……..

It’s taken me some time but eventually all that heavy thinking in the sun has paid off.

I’ve just realised that when the weather forecast says that it will be “fine” it doesn’t mean what the rest of the world thinks it means.

To a weather forecaster, “fine” does not mean “fine” as in good weather, it simply means the absence of rain.

The only time we can have the slightest confidence that the weather will be good is when the forecaster actually says “sunny” or “blue skies”.

“Fine” simply means that the sky will probably be overcast and grey and that it is unlikely to rain – though there may be light drizzle.

Don’t you wish that language could be relied upon…….


4 thoughts on “The Real Weather Forecast……..

  1. You are lucky. Fine would be fine for me today. We are experiencing a slushy from the skies. A mixture of snow and rain. It is bland flavored, but cherry would be nice. We are expecting snow for the weekend, but with our luck it will be more slushies.

    • A mouse slushy would be fine by me…….. and if it came from the sky I could just lie down and open my mouth……… 🙂

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