Strange Unexplained Events……..

When the slaves and I arrived up the coast yesterday this weird object was parked on the lawn.

I have no idea what it can be but things are certainly strange round here. I spent the afternoon lazing on the decking watching the slave working in the herb garden (I thought I could help if any fieldmice ran out from their hidy hole under the lemon grass). While the slave pulled weeds she kept muttering “Well that’s this year’s trip to Paris then”. I just don’t understand what she was talking about. And things grew weirder……

In the end there were seven strange men, two mechanical diggers, two trucks, three vans, assorted other vehicles plus kanga hammers and humble rakes and shovels. There was so much going on that I didn’t know what to go and supervise next.

Today the bobcat digger and truck are still sitting beside the garage so perhaps the excitement isn’t finished yet.

Oh I nearly forgot. The plumber’s foxyX with the short legs and stumpy tail was here too. She seemed to have some idea of what was going on but wouldn’t tell me. Cheeky little bitch.


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