Accidents will Happen…..

Not to me this time.   My life has been safe and quiet ever since the Great Fungicide Fiasco which ended in a shaved Pompuss over a year ago.

This time it was the heslave – the one who kicks me off the end of the bed and uses a cushion to push me off my favourite chair. ( I get my own back by dribbling and leaving my excess fur on his dark clothing).   Anyway, last weekend he decided to spray the weeds down the steep bank in front of the house.   It had been  raining and the bank was slippery so of course he overbalanced and cartwheeled down the slope, wrenching a knee and blackening an eye.

Panic stations!   She had to get a rope, tie it to a solid post and throw the end of it down the bank so he could be dragged back up.    It took her three attempts to throw it and even though I sat there willing to help she ignored me.

I know I couldn’t have done the St Bernard thing with a barrel of brandy around my neck but I could easily have taken the end of the rope in my mouth and scampered down the bank to give it to him.    What’s more – I was willing.   Even if he does kick me off the bed most nights.

My stupid slaves don’t seem to realise that I am capable of being heroic as well as decorative.


4 thoughts on “Accidents will Happen…..

  1. How noble of you to be willing to go down into the mud and muck to get a slave. Just think of what that mud would have done to your wonderful fur. Do you believe you could have gotten it out very well. You might have been shaved again (shutter at the horror).

    Your slave knew very well that you could not be exposed to such horrors. Thus she didn’t ignore you but guarded your beautiful fur.

    • I hadn’t thought of the possibility of a second visit to the vet nurse…..on reflection I think you’re right and I can see it clearly now. By ignoring me, the slave saved me from the risk of harm, possible gross humiliation and subsequent damage to my feelings.

      Yes, that’s it and all is right with the world again. Thank you Findalis for helping me reposition my thinking and see things in a more positive light.

  2. It was very wise of them not to send you down with the rope pompuss ….. if a heslaves ego is hurt,I shudder to think what might have been said! I think you were very wise to watch from afar and think this is catty kharma 😉

    • Great Cat bless kharma.
      However, the downside of this accident to a heslave’s massively bruised ego is that she has spent more time this last week pampering him than she has me. That’s not the way this household is meant to work!

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