Conserving the Cheetah…………

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Cheetah used to be widespread on the plains of Northern India but hunt-loving maharajahs along with officials of the British Raj hunted them to extinction over a hundred years ago.

Conservationists are behaving in a lamentable fashion, declaring that India should not attempt to import and settle African cheetah on the unoccupied grasslands of Madhyar Pradesh as moves to save these beautiful cats might lessen interest in tiger conservation and there are doubts as to whether the African breed would adapt to Indian conditions

I of course find it impossible to choose between two breeds of feline, so I say save both of them.

In fact I should have thought that  was the obvious thing to do.


11 thoughts on “Conserving the Cheetah…………

  1. Totally agree. Perhaps the Indians should check with Iran and see if they would be willing to hand over a few Iranian cheetah as they presumably would be closer genetically to the original Indian variety. I was surprised to learn that cheetah used to be found on all continents – how sad that they are now threatened by possible extinction. All slaves should work hard to preserve cats…….

    • Dear Pompuss,
      It’s not so simple as you think….but the Cheetah Conservation Fund IS cooperating both with India and Iran. So why don’t you DO something and go to to have a look on how you could help? I have been a volunteer for CCF, and now I am working for them in Italy. You could do the same…..Best regards, Betty

      • Glad to hear there’s action behind the scenes and I admire your efforts.
        Have visited your site and am trying to get my paws on one of the banners so I can promote the cause. All the best…purrs

      • There are Cheetahs in Italy? I know at one time there were Cave Lions (and other lions in the Colosseum).

        Seriously, the Cheetah Conservation Fund is doing good work trying to save such a beautiful cat and all of us can join in the fight for them.

      • Restored the banner and hope it stays there this time. ( I find that WordPress, wonderful as it is, is a world of unexpected consequences and in adjusting something else I may have inadvertently deleted it.)
        Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog.
        Best wishes and multi-purrs from Wellington, New Zealand.

      • Oh that’s fine. Yes, sometimes I too see things I didn’t want to do…but thank you for telling me you restored the banner, you live in a place I dreamed about since ever….greetings to Wellington, then. Have a wonderful day! Betty greetings from Italy

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