Pompuss is Always Fleafree…………(well nearly…)


Zebra (Photo credit: James F Clay)

I’ve often wondered why I don’t get fleas.     Some other cats do and of course dogs, uggh, are riddled with them.       I’ve just found a possible answer.

 The Journal of Experimental Biology contains a report of research carried out by a team led by Gabor Horvath of Eotvos University in Budapest into the reasons why zebra are less troubled by the tsetse fly than other African herbivores.    Being short of tsetse flies and zebra  the researchers substituted horse flies and cut outs, some black, some white and some striped for the African originals and set them up in an Hungarian field full of horse flies.

It’s long been known  that horse flies trouble black horses more than white ones and the research showed the horse flies were even less enthusiastic about striped targets, especially those showing zebra type  patterns.

The researchers think it is because the horse flies  have difficulty in  seeing vertical polarised light and therefore the vertical stripes on zebra  make the zebra as good as invisible.

What a strange world.   If all creatures were covered in vertical stripes it would be the death of many insects.

I couldn’t help but think that fleas probably have the same black preference problem with their vision as horse flies and that is why I am seldom troubled by them.


2 thoughts on “Pompuss is Always Fleafree…………(well nearly…)

  1. And maybe fleas leave you alone due to the fact your slaves make sure you’re not bothered by them. Had to use products on my cats in the past due to the fact they were too sweet.

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