Cats as Fonts……….

Wanting to prove that I’m a Withit Cat I’ve been checking out this new fad.

Usually I regard myself as above the kits who chatter and spread the word in Kittenlish but this is worth a look:

I can’t decide whether I am most like Futura, Times New Roman or Baskerville.   I like them all.

The slaves assure me that I’m more like #Six, the One Eyed Sourpuss, but I think that’s a foul calumny.

They are busy packing and I shall have the run of the house for the next 4 days as they are off for a long weekend further north.

Yippee, time for a party…………



2 thoughts on “Cats as Fonts……….

  1. You my dear Pompuss are a font unto yourself. There is no font that matches you and your personality. The closest might be a calligraphy script font, but that is still not elegant, not stylish, not as purrrfect as you are.

    • Dear Findalis, You must live with keyboard attached to your fingertips! A gracious comment within seconds of my posting – I’m overwhelmed. Purrrrr.

      I also found another site. where you can try different looks. I had fun with ‘CATastrophe’

      Sadly the slaves packed laptops and ipads for the weekend so I have to wait till next weekend before I can experiment and find my true nature.

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