Rats to Earth Hour………….

Cameron Slater. bless him, on his Whaleoil Blog has underlined the stupidity of Earth Hour by calling for an alternative, Human Achievement Hour:

“HAH is an annual event meant to recognize and celebrate the fact that this is the greatest time to be alive, and that the reason we have come is that people have been free to use their minds and the resources in their environment to experiment, create, and innovate,” reads a CEI website on the event scheduled to coincide with Earth Hour 2012 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time Saturday.

Well done Whale! I’m be encouraging the slaves to turn on ALL the power points. …….then I’ll be warm……


Update on Mr Ginger Tom…….

I think we all knew (see my post of March 8) that  Mr Ginger Tom looked less than thrilled about being clutched to the bosom of Ms Mona Lisa.  I’ve discovered why

Obviously Mr GT was catnapped during one of his unscheduled sprints down a London street and forced to sit for that portrait. Once he could escape he dashed straight back to his personal slave and their shared happy life busking round Covent Garden.

A heartwarming tale. Actually if I hadn’t been told by the press that Mr GT is in fact Bob I’d have thought he was Red Rufus, my semi feral, tree climbing, banana eating feline pal from down the road.

However it can’t be Rufus in this story as I know that the Red Terror is currently incarcerated in the local Clinic for Wayward Pets (dreadful place) while his slaves cavort in flood ravaged Fiji. It serves them right that Nadi Airport was closed this morning so they’ll be late returning home but it is tough on Rufus who will have to endure further mistreatment at the pet gulag. The facilities there are so bad that Animal Health and Safety should investigate inmmediately.

I’ve told Rufus that he needs to train his slaves properly but he doesn’t listen. Mine only parked me in the CfWPs once and I sulked for two months before I forgave them….well sort of. That taught them that I should only be left in the most superior of temporary boarding facilities and I have holidayed in luxury ever since.

The Idea of Monarchy is in Decline……….

I didn’t think I’d find support for my belief in the decline of monarchical systems quite so quickly.

The late King George Tupou V of Tonga worked hard to move his island nation from an old-fashioned absolute monarchy towards democracy.   Unfortunately, no-one foresaw the effect this would have upon his funeral where the majority of the attendees were   invited guests and those officiating.     The grieving crowds who had flocked to his father’s obsequies six short years ago were nowhere to be seen and the grounds around the royal tombs were half empty.     In other words, most ordinary Tongans didn’t bother.

A court official maintained this was because the funeral had been limited to only a week  in order to save money and many had not been able to travel to Nuku’olofa at short notice but I suspect he was putting on a brave face.

The facts are obvious   Once democracy takes root and everyone sees themselves as the equal of any other person an outdated system like monarchy and its accompanying aristocracy are bound to shrivel and eventually die as no-one can see the point.

I agree that this theory begs the question of whether all slaves really are equal.  Personally I think that those who feed and pamper cats regularly demonstrate a far higher level of personhood than those who don’t.

When it come to monarchies this picture is instructive:

Map of the current sovereign monarchs in the W...

Map of the current sovereign monarchs in the World Absolute Monarchy Semi-constitutional Monarchy Constitutional Monarchy Commonwealth Realm Sub-state Monarchy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time nearly all this map was coloured and  I predict that within a decade Tongan royalty will be  purely ceremonial with few rights or privileges attached to it.

Pussy Riot is Bound to Fail……..

I don’t know who I offends me more – Vladimir Putin who has encouraged the imprisonment of young mothers  belonging to a punk band whose lyrics he deems offensive, or the radical feminist band members who chose to call their band Pussy Riot.

I’ve heard of the Boxer Rebellion (stupid dogs), the Orange Revolution and the Velvet Revolution to name a few but calling a band Pussy Riot is taking insult too far.

Believe me when I tell you that real  Pussies do not riot.    Cats always have better things to do.

Added to which, if they did choose to riot, they would win and they would never never support a hunger strike.

Flying Goddess and her Bad Bad Slave

When Sugar’s slave opened a window in her 19th floor apartment, this intrepid goddess decided to see more of the world and jumped out into open space.    Being  a cat she had the presence of mind to relax and adopt a flying squirrel-like spreadeagle position so she could glide (well sort of) to the ground.

Luckily Sugar landed in a patch of soft mulch and has not suffered any serious harm apart from some bruising and a cut lip.

Her slave should have remembered that cats, especially white ones, are prone to sudden grandiose delusions and that seeing an open window Sugar was likely to  think that she could fly.

I’m glad to hear that said window now has a screen so Sugar can  forgive her slave and use her next eight lives  in some other way.

Planet Under Pressure and the Plastic Age……….

First there was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age followed by the Iron Age.     Our own time will probably be named the Plastic Age.

There have been news reports of the  emergence of the Anthropocene, i.e a geological period created and influenced by human activity, since early this century.   There is no real agreement as to just when this new era began but it is likely to have coincided with the rise of agriculture followed by massive population increase and consequent permanent change to eco-systems.

The most recent reference to the Anthropocene is in the Sunday Times of March 22nd.  At first I thought they were rehashing old news but then I realised that the article was linked to next week’s Planet under Pressure Conference in London.     Live web streaming and a youth forum shows it is like all other gabfests.   This time delegates will discuss such worthy topics as  global poverty, food security, human rights and climate change.

Will it make a difference?    I doubt it.       Not as much as if they had stayed home cultivating their own gardens instead of burning all that aviation fuel getting there.