Hello Pompuss, Slave Calling……

The slave forgot to turn off Radio Leftwing after listening to the news yesterday and I overheard the most amazing thing.

The announcer said that he had been asked to say hello to Muffy and Lizzy, or was it Mizzy and Luffy, two cats who had been left alone and might be missing their owner (aka slave).     Cute idea?…….No, though it is just the sort of thing my slave might think of doing.    UGGGH.

We should get this straight.     Either Miffy and Luzzie’s slave suffered from the fond delusion (I think litcrit specialists call it the ‘pathetic fallacy‘) that his/her cats actually cared about him/her and wanted to hear his/her voice…

Or, and this worries me…..Mizzie and Luffy enjoy listening to trashy semi-literate opinion riddled magazine type national radio programmes and forget that every self respecting cat has better things to do.


2 thoughts on “Hello Pompuss, Slave Calling……

  1. Like every respectable tabbies they probably sleep during the dribble. But they probably demand from their slave an announcement of their greatness. Which brings me to wonder why you don’t get a daily announcement of YOUR greatness?

  2. The answer is lazy slaves!

    In any case everyone already knows of my greatness……..or at least I thought they did.

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