Another Speciesist Rant…..

Humans have done it again!        At Otago University in 2009, twentyfive thousand (yes 25 thousand) animals died, giving their all for the university’s  research programmes.

25 K is a lot of lab rats.   Even supposing that some died of natural causes, old age or accidents, that is a massive number.     I should like to know what has died besides rats.     Mice, yes probably; rabbits, possibly; dogs, well maybe; cats, I SHOULD HOPE NOT.     I think the university should tell us so we can protest properly and in any case where are the ethicists who permitted this holocaust.   They too should be held to account.

I’ve said it before but I’ll happily repeat myself.     Humans should experiment on their own kind first not exterminate defenceless animals.     At the very least they should only use dogs thus removing a worthless group from society.


2 thoughts on “Another Speciesist Rant…..

  1. I overhead the slave say that all her lab rats were shut in separate bolted cages and only taken out by slaves wearing gloves so I think we know who is to blame. Nasty beasts…..both rats and humans

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