Speciesism Again……

Oh the hypocrisy of it all.     This morning, along with the news of 25 thousand animals dying in the space of only one year in the name of research, radio NZ listeners heard that several hundred greenie volunteers scoured the Denniston Plateau over the last weekend looking for endangered species.

Did they care about the deaths at Otago University?    Not at all.    They were busy finding rare flatworms and indigenous lichens so they would have ammunition against the proposed mining of a small portion of the 6,000 hectare area by the Australian company Bathurst Resources.

We should remember that the last time the greenies tried to prevent economic progress by claiming there were fewer than 200 giant land snails at a proposed mining site they actually found 16,000.    Then having safely collected and stored them in a freezer for eventual re-establishment, they misread a dial and froze them all to death. You really can’t trust political activists can you.   They’ll probably kill the flatworms too.

However that is not my point.     I really don’t understand why flatworms should be so precious (when there are probably thousands of them anyway) while lab animals are not.    If the greenies want to preserve life shouldn’t they be working to preserve all life.   Or are they only interested in the indigenous and possibly endangered kind?

It seems to me that throughout the course of history species have survived or died at the whim of Mother Nature, who, along with the Great Cat,  probably knows best.

Those greenies should recognise this fact and devote their efforts to ameliorating the true scourge of this planet i.e. the wild, uncontrolled proliferation of humankind.


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