Hurrah for the USA……….

The good citizens of America have just become my very very favourite people in the whole world and I congratulate them one and all from the bottom of my heart.

In 2011 these generous kind-hearted people spent nearly US$51 billion on their pets.     Now that is what I call “Getting things in Perspective”.

We’re told that food and vet costs accounted for 65% of the total while grooming and special  care such as pet hotels, daycare, and pet-sitting made up the remainder.

The American Pet Products Association predict a further increase in pet services in 2012.  I unconditionally approve.    And those who know me well will say that doesn’t happen very often.

Congratulations America.   Just remember to lobby for increased varieties of delicious food for cats, as well as toys, and games, and pampering, and cosseting, and….I’m sure you get the picture.


2 thoughts on “Hurrah for the USA……….

  1. We pamper our masters and mistresses but cannot get the government to allow us to take them off our income tax, consider them our dependents, or even pay for their health care.

    Maybe some day.

    • What a blinkered government. Can’t they see what an asset cats are on the national balance sheet.

      Hope you and Kara Marque 2 live far away from that recent rash of tornados. I asked the Great Cat to look after you both.

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