It Should Have Been Me!…………….

Mona Lisa with Mr Ginger Tom

A cyber chum (thank you KT) has sent me this charming study of Ms Mona Lisa with her favourite lap cat.   I must say that  she shows far better taste than the lady with the ermine.    Persons of elegance and  discrimination  would always prefer to cuddle a cat rather than a verminous ferret.

Having said that I’m feeling deflated.    Mr Ginger Tom,  starring above and looking a trifle rough trade if you ask me,  gets to pose in the most celebrated portrait in the whole world whilst I, of far better breeding and superior looks, only appear in James Bond movies.    There, just to make matters worse, I am usually found sitting upon the knee of the chief baddie rather than snuggling up to James.

There really isn’t any justice in this world.  I’m going to retreat to the hot water cupboard and lick my ego better.

To look on the bright side and in keeping with a broadly Italian theme, tonight’s dinner is pollo parmigiana and I’m looking forward to that.   The slave says that watching me eat it is a theatrical performance as I lick off the sauce then sit back and clean my whiskers before devouring the chicken.    The other slave (yes, the one who kicks me off the bed) says that the more appropriate adjective is ‘farcical’.      However I don’t pay any attention to him.


7 thoughts on “It Should Have Been Me!…………….

  1. I think that Mr Ginger Tom didn’t want to be in that picture. Now we just have to find you a willing Time Lord, and have it done right. With Pompus purring wonderfully. Just take out that horrible slave and it will be just you.

  2. Pompuss, you’re far more elegant and refined, and there are much greater things waiting for you.
    I’m pleased to hear that at least one of the slaves is looking after you well, your dinner sounds tasty!
    KG is still laughing after reading this post 🙂

    • Mr Ginger Tom looks cuddly but that’s because he’s chubby too.

      It’s the look on his face that worries me. I wouldn’t trust him not to make off with Mona’s wimple, or whatever, the moment her back is turned……

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