Free Cuddles Here………..

free cuddles

Yes I know it makes me sound like a stall at one of those hippy-ridden  music fests but I have to pomote my skills somehow.

It seems that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade staff who have to reapply for the jobs left after a restructuring are feeling stressed and undervalued.    Expensive change consultants have suggested that along with meditation and warm baths, stroking a pet would be  helpful and healing.

I think those consultants are right and I’m willing to offer myself as a professional “cuddlee”.      I’d do it free, although the slave (you can guess which one) says I should charge a fat fee too thereby defraying the cost of my expensive tastes in food and pampering.

I have a better idea.   Obviously the nation’s far flung embassies  need  a mobile cuddling service.     I could be sent around the world, first class of course, to provide cuddles wherever needed.




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