MFAT and the Cuddlee Phenomenon…….

As I said yesterday the New Zealand Government has found itself in trouble over the proposed restructuring of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and our usually ebullient Prime Minister sounded exhausted this morning when he admitted that some of the proposals may have been “too aggressive”.

There have been howls of outrage from MFAT staff who say their incomes on foreign postings could be slashed by 40% and that few will want a job that offers no security after a 3 year foreign posting.     There will no longer be a  spousal allowance to compensate when spouses forgo their own career opportunities to accompany a husband or wife overseas and  other  perks like drivers and chefs could be  removed as well.

I foresee a  huge enhancement of my role as Chief Cuddlee.  Not only shall I be travelling the world bringing much needed solace to deprived diplomats but I’ll be needed here at home as well to soothe the nerves of the Prime Minister, perhaps of the whole government front bench.       I’ll be a very busy cat.

So busy that I’ll need to recruit assistants.    Cats who think they have the right qualities should contact me.   Minimum requirements include a loud and soothing purr, the ability to knead whilst keeping claws sheathed and an oral cavity of sufficient depth to defer dribbling until the job is done.     A non-judgemental attitude is desirable but not essential.


2 thoughts on “MFAT and the Cuddlee Phenomenon…….

    • Okay Tabs, I’ll add your name to the list. However I have to admit I’m having doubts as to the viability of the project.

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