A Serious Problem with ‘The Artist’ ……..

The slaves went to see the Oscar winning ‘The Artist’ last night and ever since have  talked of little else.       The outcome of their endless chat is that the real Oscar winner should have been Uggie the dog   !!!!

There is something very very wrong with the world.  Not only does The Artist give Uggie the chance to star but another mutt called Snowy got star billing in the recent Tintin movie.    What is going on?    It is neither rational nor proper that dogs (pause while I retch up several furballs) should achieve celebrity whilst cats like me are reduced to offering therapy for someone else’s slaves……..

Being helpful is so against my inner Cathood that I wonder if I’ve been over hasty in calling for  volunteers for my Cuddlee project.


3 thoughts on “A Serious Problem with ‘The Artist’ ……..

  1. i don’t know about “The Artist”. And since no movies are worth the $12 to see them. I will pay that though to see “Pompuss: The Cat That Saved The World.” When will filming start?

  2. I should have added that you need to relocate to NZ…..here the slaves only pay $11 Kiwi for a ticket to the movies. admittedly that is with old age pensioner’s discount but they do get an armchair type seat and a tiny armrest thingy for a glass of wine. They think it great luxury, unlike the ‘fleapits’ of their youth.

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